Cogs Casino
"Please go away, and never come back. I don't want to show everyone your insides."


Animatronic Horror

Approximate Gametime:
7.5 hours
(Assuming perfect play + no side content)

Current stage:

Estimated release date:

Runs on:
Unreal Engine

Yes: Voice actors, wall decoration (2D) artists

More Information:
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Cogs Casino is a horror game that takes place in its namesake. Hired as an overnight employee in one of the most successful and pioneering entertainment venues in the country, you are placed under the watchful eye of senior staff Eleanor - who has only been working for the company a few weeks longer than you have. Something smells fishy as soon as you begin your first shift, but as the company has operated for over sixty years without any known incidents, no one is keen to believe you. After convincing Ellie to help you, the two of you start to unravel a twisting web of lies, corporate espionage, and murders that will shape the world for years to come. Will you be able to pull the threads that keep together the casino's image, or will you fade into the obituaries pages like the rest?


You must use the Casino's built-in security systems and your own wit to survive through their month at Cogs'. Learn about each of the casino's animatronics and how they went horribly awry – including some that were so bad that they were dismantled forever. Gather clues, uncover mysteries, and most importantly, survive; all as you find an even larger storm brewing deep in the belly of the beast. For thirty nights you will watch the cameras, hide, and strobe mechanical monsters before they rip you into pieces – and for thirty nights you will break out of the office and explore the casino, searching for every scrap of information you can get your hands on before running past the wandering animatronics and fleeing out the front door. Each animatronic has its own behavior, attitude, and special programming - each one will need to be handled differently as you progress.

Technical Information

Cogs Casino has mature content. Warnings include: blood, violence, disturbing imagery, and mild swearing.

Cogs Casino is fully voiced, runs on the Unreal engine, and is my first tried and true gaming endeavor. Please make certian to keep me up to date regarding bugs and other gameplay issues. I'll do my best to fix any problems and prevent them from happening again.

If any DLC or bonus content is created, it will be free with the original purchase.